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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Do you walk to school or bring your lunch?"

When I was in 4th grade, that was a real knee-slapper to us.

"Walk to school" versus "carry your lunch"? Ha!

The absurdity of setting up such a dichotomy, contrasting apples and oranges giraffes was apparent to kids, even if we would not have known how to describe it.

Because, um... not only are they not exclusive of each other.

Such logic can no longer be taken for granted, even in adults.

Even in wordsmiths , who one guesses are paid for their efforts, and are presumed to know what words mean.

We are told that a bishop " was a deeply conservative intellectual ... but... came to appreciate [those who] tended more toward openness and pastoral approaches."

Got that? the yin and the yang of conservative/open? the polarity of intellectual/pastoral?

I suppose it's to be expected of an editorial board that has already decided to lie claim that the good Cardinal George, the prelate in question, "has always been seen" as someone who represented the Big Bad Hierarchical Church to the detriment of his own flock.

Isn't that clever? Not to say that he was that way, they might need facts to back that up, instead to say that he was seen that way. Ya know, by unnamed others.
But it must have been a lot of others, in fact, everyone, because it was, "always."

Talk about weasel words.....

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