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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


If you are hungering for breakfast food, or are weathered in the house, (like "snowed in," only different,) and feel like doing something, if you have access to the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook,
the first hard cover cookbook I'm told, and maybe the best cookbook EVER, at least in some respects (and I believe now re-issued so you don't have to search out one with crisco stains and dog ears and other people's cooking aromas at a used book store and pay an arm and a leg for it, as I once did,) you need, yes, I say NEED to try the Oatmeal Pancake recipe therein

Not certain at all of the copyright sitch on these recipes, so I'll link to where some more intrepid soul has posted it.
(I am currently entertaining a copyright fiend, and do not wish to cross it by violating its standards. Said fiend is a wickedly good cook, and I am a wickedly bad eater.)

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