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Monday, 27 April 2015

Should we care?

Catholic Relief Services does fantastic work.
The people of Nepal, for instance, are in dire need of its ministrations.
One of CRS's executives flaunts the fact that he is in a particular kind of sinful situation, one which defies the Church's teachings.
This sin is different from most other sins, not in kind or gravity, but in that it is proudly promoted as not being sinful.
But so far as I can see, nothing about this man's position sets him up as a role model to impressionable children or under-educated adults.
And presumably he's good at his job.
Which is helping insure that there is money to help people in desperate need of help.

So should I really care?

GWTW was on yesterday afternoon, so of course, Himself had to watch.
I caught only one scene, but it was an interesting one, to me, at this point in time.

Miz Melly was glad to take Belle Watling's money, and was pretty gracious about it, too. (Of course, the lady of the [whore] house had some degree of shame about her enterprise, and you know what an admirer I am of decent hypocrisy.)
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