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Monday, 27 April 2015

"The Hard Core of Church Life"?

A Jesuit magazine has an article about the ways in which the Holy father is changing the Church.
Pope Francis is changing the Church?
The OHC&A Church is semper reformanda, it is always in need of change, or positive change.

But this is an idiotic and ahistoric view of things:
For more than a millennium dogma has been the hard core of church life
It hasn't.

Love trumps Dogma, always did, always will (in fact, dogma itself tells us that it is trumped by love.)

The core of life in the Catholic Church has always been caritas, Active Love, in other words, (sorry, sola fides types,) the much maligned and misunderstood "good works," whether those good works consist of worship directed toward the Triune God, (that is following "the first of these,") or those  good works which we direct towards each other, (the second which "is like the first" but is nonetheless second.)

But, and this is important, the highest value? the "hard core", as you put it?
It's Love -- not Niceness.
Here's a shocker for ya - seemingly loving actions which contradict revealed Truth ARE NOT MANIFESTATIONS OF LOVE.

Quite the opposite.

But they like it! is not always the best reason to give someone something.
"But it's absolutely LUSCIOUS, Hon! I heard about it on the Internet from a snake! You'll see... TRY it!"

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