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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

CNN Docuspecudrama

A new word - docuspecudrama; I've been watching one.

I've been half paying attention to the "Finding Jesus" series as it unfurls, and am glad that On Demand is letting me fast forward because there're tons of recaps, like any cheezy reality show, which is disappointing, and lots of Things That Make You Go Huh? which then means you have to go back, did they really say that? or more often I knew they said that but did that follow in any way whatsoever from what they said just before?

I tried to do a little online research and thought I'd found the answer to one conundrum, but, no.

This guy is just as confused by the claim as I was
Finally, the narrator attributes one lasting influence of John on Jesus- the words of the Lord’s Prayer… [Ok where did they come up with that?]
 Well, why shouldn't Gibson make more stuff up?

 I was able to learn that one Joan Taylor, a Biblical scholar whose area of expertise is John the Baptist, was responsible for the claim about the Our Father - alas, Patheos, where I started to read that, makes my computer go insane.

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