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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Damnation of Judas

Why is it so very important to some people that Judas Iscariot spend eternity in hell?

I heard a story, NPR? television? can't remember ...
Maybe Al Kresta, or someone else who would approach the subject of suicide from a Godly perspective.

But anyway, the conversation turned to people who survived suicides attempted by jumping from the Golden Gate bridge, among other places.

Most never tried again and many regretted, (a Christian might say "repented",) the act the very moment they entrusted themselves to the mercy of gravity.

Who is to say Judas didn't feel the same way in the fraction of time between acting on the impulse and meeting death?
Just because saints have thought it impossible... well, canonization is no guarantor of infallibility, is it?
St Peter's opinion carries a little more weight, having been given the discernment to know what would be bound or loosed in heaven, but I don't see his speech in Acts 1 definitively saying that Judas's "place" was hell.

Anyway, if there's any doubt, why wouldn't you pray for the man's soul?

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