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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pope Visits With Prison Inmates

Inmates greet Benedict XVI as he arrives at Rebibbia Prison in 2011 (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)
In 2011.
An Italian man ... asked if the Holy Father’s gesture would also be recognised by political leaders in its simplicity, so that dignity be restored to all, including detainees. The Pope replied that while his visit is of a personal nature aimed at showing the men and women of Rebibbia his genuine concern for them, it is also a public gesture to draw attention to the problems and difficulties of Italian prisons.
You must remember, it was in the news at the time.
Oh, that one....

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And this one, as a matter of fact.

And this one:
Pope John visits prisoners in Rome prison 1958

Now here's an odd thing - Popes? they all have different personalities, different styles, different strengths... but these all believe the same Truths, and preach the same Gospel.

What does change is the World, and the way it receives them, and the way tries to bend or distort  their message to suit itself.
But the prince of the World will, ultimately, lose.
And I, when I am lifted up 
from the earth, 
will draw all men 
to myself.

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