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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thoughts on Morning Rosary

When I was a kid the Rosary bothered me something fierce, its lack of symmetry drove me crazy - whaddya MEAN we say the "Glory be" on the "space" between the little beads and the big bead? then what do we say on the other little space before the next bunch of little beads? whaddya mean "nothing, we only say prayers on the beads"? you just told us we say the "Glory be" on the space!

This problem only became more dire when as an adult  I moved to a parish where what I think is called "the Fatima prayer" was also squeezed onto that tiny bit of chain or cord where the Glory be was already causing an irritating imbalance. (And don't even get me stared on the parish that added an ejaculation that began "Eucharistic Heart of Jesus," after the more common one.)

And what about that little part that's like an alle leading in to a circular drive? I get that we might go once, or three times, or even, now, four around the loop, but don't we need to EXIT???!??#?!?? where are the prayers at the end to lead us past the one-big-three-small-one-big pathway and back to the little Crucifix?
This doesn't make sense!

Not sure why this was ever a problem, I am someone who never squares my furniture or chotchkas, I also place things diagonally or off-center...

At one point, I was even considering making up my own arrnagement of prayers to take care of those worrisome beads to get myself out of Rosary-land when I finished.

But anyway, I got over it.

But I'm me, I found other things to get my back up over.

You know, that woman who insists on saying "you" instead of "Thy" on her decades, every church has one. (And yes, I can hear the lower case "y.")

I cured myself of that irritation, (okay, almost cured, vestiges of vexation linger,) by reminding myself at every "you" that I do not allow myself to be similarly annoyed at the people who say "Ghost" instead of "Spirit," and fair's fair, principles are principles. I have to try to be consistent as I think, why in tarnation doesn't everyone in the world do things the way I want them done?  apply rules.

So now I try to be loving toward and amused by everyone. (Well, no, of course I don't mean EVERYone, just the people who gather for the Rosary before Mass. I'll work my way up to the rest of humanity.)

Wouldn't that be great, to grow LESS cranky as I age?

I am really tickled by the lovely little elderly woman who makes three syllables of "amongst," as if it were a superlative.
Mary's not just among, or even amongst the rest of us women, she's the amongest among us!

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