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Monday, 13 April 2015

Sacramental Theology

Not in any sense, by any stretch an endorsement for someone who has yet to strike me as other than a calculating politician, but this is a great description of the profundity of the Church that those who focus on feelings and fellowship tend to miss entirely.
Every sacrament, every symbol and tradition of the Catholic faith is intended to convey, above everything else, the revelation that God yearns  for a relationship with you.
There's a sound bit I hear over and over again on the radio, Al Kresta saying something like, "the vast majority of Catholics have been sacamentalized but not evangelized," and the truth of that, at least within my experience, is brought home every week.
The RelEd kids no longer surprise me - it's their parents and, yes, their Catechism teachers who are such exemplars of this sad state of affairs.

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