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Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Catholish" School

Over at the CMAA forum there was a job notification.

The name of the parish seemed familiar, and indeed, it was one that had been in the news because some folks at what I incorrectly recalled as the parish school were opposed to the Catholicism of the newly appointed pastor.
A new hire often means there was a new pastor, but my fears were allayed,  he is still the pastor.
What he is not is chaplain of the school.
Which is not a bad thing. Not a good thing, either, but not a bad thing, since the school may not be, in any meaningful way, actually Catholic.
At least, they're doing their dam-- best not to convey that impression to anyone.

On the page laying out their "philosophy" Catholicism never rears its controversial head, the word "Catholic" is never used, nor is "Christian," for that matter, though they confess to be on a "path to Christ" however meandering, (not "the," never "the," that would be exclusionary, we know there are plenty of ways to the Way, right?)
The simply invoked "Mary," is their patron, (don't want to bog things down with talk of "Blessed" or "Mother of God," or "Virgin.")
On the page declaring the school's "mission," they do dare the word "Catholic," in the name of the school, even. But only as an afterthought in stating their name, not when the name is first introduced.

And certainly not as part of their name in their seal, proudly proclaiming who they are.

Well, at least the education they offer is holistic.
And how could it not be? 
Because, Authentic Educational Technology.

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