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Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Take and Eat," "Take" Being the Operative Word?

You learn something new, or rather, old, every day.

it is permissible to adopt a simpler procedure, namely, allowing the faithful themselves to take the host from the ciborium or paten. The faithful should consume the host before returning to their place; the minister's part will be brought out by use of the usual formulary, The body of Christ, to which the communicant replies: Amen.
Yes, it may be that -
[Note: Rome later forbid the Communicant to take the Host themselves.]
But still.... 
(I'm aware that neither EWTN nor Colin Donovan have any authority in and of themselves, but I have found EWTN almost unimpeachable in their quoting of authoritative sources, and until I find Notitiae, et al. officially translated, and freely available online....)

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