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Friday, 11 September 2015

Does Newsweek Even make a Pretense of Honest Journalism Anymore?

A really strange piece on Pope Francis in the no-longer-available-in-paper Newsweek..
To objections to his actions or criticisms of him,
Francis has not offered a counterargument but, rather, a dazzling show of faith that obviates the need for arguments over what, precisely, he believes.
But, the writer opines, Pope Francis might still be Catholic, since he,
vigorously backs Vatican [sic] positions on abortion, gay marriage, the ordination of women and other major issues,
We also are treated the revelation that not many people wear Benedict t-shirts, and to blathering and moaning about the churchman he really can't stand because that guy doesn't allow there to be any confusion as to what he stands for and what the Church teaches, part of the last named being what the write calls an "antediluvian morality code."

That's the real point of the piece, that one pope insisted on appointing, and another has not embraced the wisdom of 100 really, really important Catholics and yanked, Salvatore Cordileone, the bishop in question.
"This was done as a real insult to San Francisco,” a gay Catholic told me when I visited the city, which had been accustomed to archbishops who tempered [shut up about?] their views on homosexuality with an awareness of the city’s history as a gay refuge [refuge, meaning, "place that tries to silence those who won't get on board with gay activists' agendae"].
At least the author admits that, "Cordileone has been as thoroughly demonized," although he adds a little to that demonization in describing the "severe,"  "grim canon lawyer."
And he shows in one little word that he really is clueless about the Catholic ethos, in recalling how
[Codileone] knows the church [where he works in a soup kitchen sometimes,] is home to gay Catholics, yet everyone I spoke to said he takes great pleasure in the event.
Did you guess which word I meant?
Why, it's, it's... it's almost as if Christianity is not about hating the sin and hating the sinner even more!
I have to sit down....

He also take the time to whinge about Fr Fessio, SJ, because he follows sports and is not always upbeat. Evidence of his falling short in the cheerful/buoyant department?
Fessio had the temerity to say “Don't ask us to change our church.”

But what is all boils down to, is that under the cuddly surface, Francis is the same as all those meanies, he is cut from the same cloth.

There is one San Franciscan, formerly Catholic, with a solid grounding in theology, who is quoted extensively, who "had come to feel the church was excessively occupied with sex."

Let me understand this - you once belonged to, and presumably believed what was taught by an institution that claims to authoritatively teach who God was, how God operates, what God has said to mankind, and how God wishes us to live our lives, and how we can best attain eternal life and joy in the presence of God.

And then you left it because there was something more important to you.

And that was your sexual identity, the sexual activity in which you wanted to engage..

But it's the Church that is "excessively occupied with sex."

'Zat about right?

So, there you have it. Jorge Bergoglio, after all these years is still Catholic.

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Mr. C said...

Nope. The muckraker exposed his ignorance and bias when contrasting HHF's efforts to transport the poor to Assisi while Abp. C was tippling with other church princes. "The pope PAID FOR....." The pope doesn't pay for squat. Where does the purse for Peter's Pence get filled, and from whom exactly? As there exist many legit beefs within the institution of the HRCC, we'd better snuggle up closer to her bosom because the skyrocketing ramp up of attacks upon her means she may be the last bastion of truth left on the planet.