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Monday, 7 September 2015

The Divine Liturgy

I love the Roman Rite.

But there is a special joy in attending the Eastern Church's Divine Liturgy. I have heard people joke about the need to "sing for your supper," but the fact is, one is so invested in the execution of the liturgy, it is almost impossible not to enter prayerfully into the Other Time, Other Place, Other Reality that rite worship entails.

I think every Roman Catholic should somehow be required to make periodic visits to other rites, of those who belong to the same One Church, Ruthenian Catholic, Anglican Use, Maronite Catholic...

So many of us belong to St Thewaywedoithere's parish, and ignore legitimate diversity while worshipping in the Expedient Rite.

I am far from perfect, and have made many mistakes over the years, but I realized recently that in all the times I was scolded, or asked in a backhanded way by someone after a Mass or LotH, whether choir member, liturgy committee rep, priest, or PIP; whether at my parish or someplace I was subbing, or even volunteering an helping out - I have never been called to account on anything that actually was wrong.

Not only not wrong, but never, as far as I can easily recall, in a matter where there were legitimate options and I had simply chosen an unfamiliar one.
No, people are most eager to complain and attempt correction when they are most certain of something -- and they are never more certain of something than when they are wrong.

Why did you start the communion song before Father had finished his communion? You're supposed to wait, count to five and then announce the hymn!
We're not supposed to do the Creed on Sundays in Ordinary time.
You left out the alleluia on Ash Wednesday!
It's not called the Offertory anymore.
What was that song about David during the palms?
I waited and waited, but you skipped the Lord Have Mercy! 
Why don't you ever do the Memorial Acclamation that starts, "we remember how you loved us..."?
The Church did away with the Reproaches!
We always used that hymn for the psalm before...
It's wrong to sing Marian songs during Mass.

But I've drifted off topic.

The Divine Liturgy.

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