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Friday, 18 September 2015

"Hey, get me the salt, huh?"

"Hey, get me the salt, huh?"
"What do you say, Billy?"
"I already said it, this needs SALT, Mom."
"Yes, but what's the magic w---"
"Careful, honey....."
"But, dear... don't you want him learn manners?"

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"Ix-nay, on the anners-may talk, honey"
"What, dear?"
"You mustn't force that on the boy."
"But we're such polite people, that's
one of the things I just loved about 
you, dear, when I met you. Don't you 
want Billy to grow up to be polite?"
"Well, of course I do, honey, some 
day I sure hope he'll follow in 
our footsteps. Courtesy's okay 
now for you and me, because that 
was our choice. But it would be 
unenlightened to try to coerce Billy 
into accepting our view of manners.
We should just wait until he's older, 
and see what he decides for himself."
"Gosh, you're wise, dear."
"Still waitin' on that salt..."

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