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Friday, 11 September 2015

"Party of Life"?

We often hear one or the other major political party in this country referred to as "the pro-life party," or "the party of death.
It's just not all that cut and dried, is it?
In the second attempt this year to establish a 'right-to-die' in the state of California, state Assembly lawmakers passed an assisted suicide bill on Wednesday, by a vote of 42-33. The bill now faces a vote in the state Senate.
The bill, AB X2-15, would allow physicians to prescibe lethal medication to terminally ill patients who have requested it.
Some of those opposing the bill, also called the End of Life Option Act, called a recent legislative hearing “a well-orchestrated stage play designed to minimize the voices of those opposed to the bill.”

"Although many 'concerns' were raised by committee members, the softball questions were directed at proponents of the bill instead of the expert witnesses in opposition," the California Catholic Conference said Sept. 4.
"Even when supporting arguments were misleading and inaccurate, there was no opportunity to refute the misinformation.”
I'm just sayin'....

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