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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

"That's Why the Lady is a Trad"

I have been laboring under, (or more accurately, "idling" under, since I am lazy and my time is my own,) awful insomnia.
A lot of it is, I think, due to a very minor medical condition, which I can feel.
When I am mentally or physically occupied, it is irrelevant, it certinaly isn't pain, doesn't even rise to the level of irritation.
So I don't notice it most of the day, but lying in bed trying to empty my mind for sleep, it becomes almost all I can think of, I am acutely aware of it.

Not important, but the strangest things come into my thoughts unbidden - a song parody, or two verses anyway, just popped into my head last night, fully realized.
(Of course, I'm not a Trad, albeit I could be described as a Fellow Trad-eller, perhaps?)

She gets too hungry for aftenoon Mass,
'Cause she thinks midnight's when one starts to fast.
She's on the prowl for a good Latin class,
          That's why the lady is a Trad.

She blisses out to a Josquin motet.
She  has no truck with a pulp missallette.
A Mass too solemn? She ain't found it yet,
           That's why.....
Maybe I'll write a bridge if sleep eludes me tonight.

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