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Friday, 25 September 2015

"The Young Messiah"

I often tell people that my husband came to the Faith through his love of history, that objects in the museums attached to most of the California missions, (thank you, St. Junipero!) intrigued him, and led him to want to learn more, what's that thing? (a monstrance,) why did they use it? what do they, I mean you, believe about....?.... what did we believe about any number of things, actually. And he's still asking questions.
Fact is, he came to the Church as much through old movies as anything else.

Between his crush on, (in the I-want-to-grow-up-to-be-HIM! sense,) Richard Burton leading him to see Becket more times than he can count, his fascination with the geo- and curial politics in Shoes of the Fisherman, and a love for Ben-Hur, (especially the Miklós Rózsa score,) that borders on idolatry, a great deal of what he knows, or at least knows enough to be curious to learn more, comes from film.

He has a decent collection on DVD or digital file, and especially around holydays, we are likely to watch some  film or mini-series, or other.
Oh, who am I kidding, we're likely to watch ALL of them, (and yes, I meant to include that silent.)

So it won't surprise me if he is very keen to see the film being made of the Anne Rice book,Out of Egypt.

But I question the title change - I'm not  in Himself's league as an old movie buff, (that's old movie... buff, not old... movie buff,) but even I can't read the new one without thinking of Young Tom Edison, Young Winston, and yes, Young Frankenstein.

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