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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Letting Your Right Hand Advertise What Your Left Hand is Doing

Why was the meeting between the most PR savvy pope of all time, (yes, I mean that - JP II always seemed very adept, but couldn't hide the fact that his grand gestures were deliberate and calculated when he was playing to the crowd or to history - F manages to make everything seem inadvertent, happy chance,) -- why was the meeting between Francis and the Little Sisters of the Poor " not in the program"?

By the way, calculating how ones gestures will play to the cheap seats is not a bad thing, at all.

The publicity that attends the current Holy Father's almoner's arranging for showers, or Christmas dinners or hospital visits may inspire others to acts of charity in a way that a more retiring pontiff's beneficence might not.
Of course, that also depends on what the chattering class decides to chatter about.

Anyway, I didn't know the Sisters had a home that close by - one wonders that they weren't among the prominent Catholic invited to the White House.

Doesn't one?

I also understand David Daleiden is in the capital - was he on the White House guest list?

Stephanie Baez of the House judiciary Committee knows how to reach him, I believe.

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