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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Does "Off-the-Cuff" Have Some Precise Theological meaning?

From CWR-
Women have a special God-given role in protecting each generation against the evils of its time, Pope Francis said in characteristically off-the-cuff remarks during his weekly Wednesday general audience....
Rather than abandoning us to this “disease” of original sin, God set up a woman as a “protective barrier” against the evils of every generation, he added. 
“This means that the woman carries a secret and special blessing” for defending us against evil, the pontiff said, recalling the woman from the book of Revelation who hid her son from the dragon.
“Think about that depth which is opened here! There exist many stereotypes – which are often offensive – about the temptress woman who inspires evil.”

Image result for pope francis frayed cuff 

“Rather, there is a place for a theology of woman who has the height of this blessing from God for her and for her generation!”

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