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Friday, 4 September 2015

Eye of the Tiber Author Unveiled

I knew I liked this guy.
I can't remember exactly which article caused the most controversy, but I know that the ones written about the Mass typically get the most heated. If I write an article titled, 'Report: Some 2nd Century Roman Christians Hated Latin Mass Because It Was Said In The Vernacular,' I know I'm gonna piss off liturgical traditionalists. If I write one titled, 'Clown At Circus Mass Reprimanded For Honking Sanctus Horn At Wrong Part Of Consecration,' I know it's gonna piss off whatever the complete opposite of a liturgical traditionalist is. I think they're called Protestants, actually.
And I'm glad he made a joke about hard liquor.
What can I say, the ideas that come to people when they're stotious are hee-larious. And when they try to put them into words pretending to still be sensible - well, that's gold.

I'm feeling a bit off about another of my guilty pleasures - Drunk History. The thing about it is, it doesn't have to be so obscenity-laden, the real humor comes from the anachronistic phraseology.

Image result for " michael cera" "alexander hamilton" phone
"So Alexander Hamilton calls his girlfriend, er, his wife...."

Yeah, that was your mistake, identifying the nature of the relationship between these people, barely out of the 16th century.

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