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Friday, 11 September 2015

Parliament Rejects Suicide Bill, Praise God

Even as in our country California is throwing itself into the pit, in the UK, Parliament has handily rejected their "assisted dying" bill.
The vote, which came after almost five hours of impassioned debate on both sides, resulted in 330 against the Bill and 118 in favour, a majority of 212.
The Bill, proposed by Labour MP Rob Marris, was based on Lord Falconer’s Bill which ran out of time in the House of Lords before the general election.
It would have allowed people with fewer than six months to live to be prescribed a lethal dose of drugs; they would have to be capable of taking these themselves. Every case would have had to be approved by two doctors and a High Court judge.
When the issue was last debated in Parliament in 1997 it was rejected by 234 to 89.
Deo gratias

Yes, it does seem possible that it is only a temporary victory, as we, as a society, move closer and closer to, (in this case, quite literally,) embracing death, (giving people poison is always presented by Death's minions as the "loving" thing to do, the kind, the merciful way,) but ethics and morals are in such a state of chaos now, bigger battles will no doubt be fought, and will prove some kind of tipping point before suicide triumphs.

Not saying which way we shall tip....
But for now,

"Hey, Kali, my Son gave me a message for you..."
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