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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Christ did NOT say, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

I hope no one thinks I'm being sacrilegious, but I was meditating on John 14:18, and it occurred to me how easy it would have been for the Lord to say that He'd done His part, now it was up to us.

And I thought about this coming Sunday's gospel, and how He called the fisherman, and the title of the fourth volume of Douglas Adams' trilogy popped into my head.

Because He could have, ya know. 

Just joined the other 2/3 that make up Great Clockmakers Ltd., waved goodby and said, you're on your own now, guys.

But He DIDN'T.

Last Sunday we mostly talked around and about what Psalm 139 says about God and why we're precious to Him, why abandonment is an option He leaves only to us, that He will NEVER  do that.

And in keeping with my plan of throwing a lot of stuff against the wall in CCD and hoping and praying that even a tiny portion of it sticks... I think some may have.

I hadn't planned on going into details in discussing the 9 Days for Life, I intended to make only positive statements for the present, and to that end i had edited the word "abortion" out of the hand-out, (in a couple weeks we would have gotten to it, I feel very strongly that it should not first be brought up in the context of chastity.)

Well, I missed one.
And as I thought, a number of students did not know what it meant, so I explained as gently as I could.
But one knew perfectly well, and was pretty sassy about it. In what I suspect was a parroting of something he had heard an older family member say, he asked how anyone else had the nerve to tell parents what they could or could not do with their child.
Well, that's an easy one -- the law says they can't beat you. Do you think that's "nerve," should that be a parent's prerogative?

But as the discussion went on to other matters, I had a thought, and told my little interlocutor, and by the way, children don't "belong" to parents, you're not theirs -- you're God's.

And his pal sitting next to him turned to him and oooh, BAM!

So I guess mine was a successful debate point.

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