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Friday, 16 January 2015

Speaking of Political Courage....

I had heard, in passing, tv on in the background as I puttered about something else - sometimes I hate the headline/sound byte shape of much news media nowadays, but it's my own fault, huh? - that some governor had done a not unheard of thing, commuting sentences of those on death row as the year came to an end, four people, IIRC.

Good for him, I thought, probably coming to end of term, so it's not going to cost him too much, what's he got to lose? but for whatever reason he did it, thank God.

And the state in question had eliminated the death penalty, I thought I heard. So it was just convicts who were unfortunate enough to have been sentenced before that blessed event.

Well, NO!

It seems the guy is considering a run at the presidency!

It is thrilling to me that a politician looking at the national stage does not feel he MUST be pro-death penalty, thrills me.

Not that, apparently, he is anything like pro-life.

But at least in this one aspect he's on board with the Agenda of Human Dignity.

And the more those of us who ARE pro-life can point to our respect for lives such as those of those  four men, the more we disable our opponents (false,) claim that we only care about the unborn.

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