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Thursday, 1 January 2015

First World Christian Faith Problems

Himself kinda prides himself on his geezerdom, his referring to all pieces of technology as "the Machine," for instance, or pretending to be unaware of all performing artists more recent than Pola Negri.
From time to time, he will latch on to something moderately new-fangled and worry it to death, however.
Right now, everything reminds him of the "First World Problems" meme.
(Lovely woman, actually, isn't she?)

Anyway, Himself, and problems particular to the prosperous and essentially carefree was my first thought in reading this ethical query in Crux. (At least they have someone other than an unprincipled comedian answering their ethics question. I'm talking to you, NYTimes. Your current advice-dispenser is better, at least.)
Is it ethical to tell canvassing Jehovah’s Witnesses that I will read their literature when I know I actually won’t?
I misled an uninvited solicitor to spare her feelings of failure!!!!!!!

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