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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thimk Before You Write

(See what I did there?)

In bemoaning the use of "literally" when "virtually" is meant, Dictionary.com tells us that Those Interwebs are "literally full of critics" who will object.

Now, I suppose one could argue that literally the critics are in the Internet, filling it, if the critics are, uhm... virtual critics, (algorithms and smarty pants programs,) rather than people.

Is there room for one more? Someone is wrong on the internet, my objctions must be heard!!!!!!!

But please, tell me you don''t think the Internet is full.

I couldn't bear it if there weren't room for more brilliant thoughts that could be expressed in 140 characters or fewer! 
And cats! there must be cats! we must have cats!!!!!!!! (if only to eat the critics pictured above.)

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