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Thursday, 29 January 2015

And now, a word from an Irish lass, Miss O'Blivious....

For one who wastes spends as much time online as I sometimes do, with certain such specific interests as I have, I marvel at for how long and how often I miss some things.

St Peter's List has been chugging away there, chock-a-block with Catholicish goodness for four years or so, but it is only in looking for something about yesterday's saint that I stumbled upon it., (and SPL borders on Thomolatry, so it was a good catch.)

(Oh, and that's a joke, the good people of SPL are disciples not worshippers of the Angelic Doctor.)

I really like the manageable helpings of deep and dense they offer the shallow and dense reader, such as myself.
Oh, and the... coinage? neologism?... of "Catholicish"?

Reminds me of a question that's been niggling at me today, ever since the announcement of the new protocol for the imposition delivery of pallia.

Part of the reasoning for part of the change, as I understand it, is that sacraments are what "interrupt" the Mass, being fitted in after the homily but before the Liturgy of the Eucharist, (or before the General Intercessions, for those as does'em.) In fact, the Vatican News Agency saysso.

And it is hoped that this will keep it from being "thought of as a Sacramental rite."

But isn't that exactly where, say, the Imposition of Ashes, which is a sacramental and not a sacrament, is to take place?

But anyway, my question was, if "a sacrament", (n.), is described by "sacramental", (adj.) -- what adjective analogously describes "a sacramental" (n.)?

Sacramentalish? sacramentally? sacramentalesque? sacramentaliscious?

We're treading perilously close to lay and lie territory here....

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