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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Irish Bishop Says Parents Should NOT Hand On Faith To Their Children

Um... for all intents and purposes.
Contrasting the present and the past, the archbishop said faith in Ireland was imbedded in so many dimensions of personal and public life, but that this is no longer the case today.
“Our young people no longer automatically inherit faith. That may not be a bad idea. Faith must be sought. Faith must be intimately linked with the search for identity as a person and the search for purpose as a society and a world in which we live.”
I mean, just because you believe in Chistianity String Theory doesn't mean you should pass it on. Some like their space Loopy.
What about the children?

We'll let them decide?
Oh, also, don't throw books at people.Well, books of dogma, maybe other books are okay.

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