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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Closed Captioning and New Words

Okay, first, I know closed captioning is only ever even vaguely correct.

Now, as Himself becomes ever more troubled by ambient noise; and as we both realize The Young Folk and The Ethnic Minorities and The Racial Minorities will always, in a patois of which we will never recognize the slang and idioms because by the time we elderly learn them they will be passe, (but thanks for "keeping it 100," Larry Wilmore,) be incomprehensible; and as road traffic, especially during "season",  increases and will always continue to increase such that that the probability of a diesel truck or a motorcycle going by at the exact moment that dialogue providing an important plot point in a movie is spoken; and  since we watch ever more English imports; and since sound mixing now prizes 'splosions and auto-tuned background music over repartee; and finally, as diction as practiced by (especially American) actors becomes ever sloppier -- we will pretty much ALWAYS have the captioning on if it is available.

(Okay, and Mindy Kaling talks wicked fast.)

But I have to know --

When did "alright" become a word?

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