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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Ashamed"? "Didn't want to make a scene"? "Whipped around"?

As it happens, I fully support breast-feeding babies in public. In church. On airplanes. In diner booths. At papal audiences. In courtrooms. At White Sox games. In Home Depot.

And so as far as the incident itself goes, I'm pretty much on this woman's side.
That said, the depiction of it by the discomfitted mom is nonsense.
If turning "beet red" were actually from embarrassment, I doubt she would have repeated her yelling.
Kristen Hilderman, a Vancouver mother who felt shamed by a flight attendant after breastfeeding her son on an airplane, says she’s overwhelmed by the outpouring of support after she complained about the incident on social media Tuesday night.
Hilderman was on a United flight from Houston to Vancouver on Sunday evening when a male flight attendant approached her while she was breastfeeding her five-month-old son, according to her statement on Twitter.
She claims the flight attendant named Keith came up to her husband and in a loud voice asked him: “Are you two together?” When her husband replied ‘yes,’ she said the flight attendant “tossed” a blanket at him and said tersely, “‘Then here, help her out.’”
Hilderman said after the attendant tossed the blanket she went beet red and so she asked him, “Help me out with what?” She said the flight attendant ignored her....never has anyone made me feel so uncomfortable and ashamed for feeding my baby.
Actually, she said she "whipped around" and asked him, he ignored her so she got louder and repeated herself.
The attention was embarrassing, and you were ashamed so you made sure more people, further away were aware of it? really?
(And did you dislodge the poor kid when you whipped around?)
You're the customer, he was service personnel, obviously he was in the wrong, but do you really want to frame the problem as being about feelings? and if so, do others' feelings matter, others' discomfort?

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