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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Christian Ethicists"? "Christian" Ethicists? Christian "Ethicists"?

This isn't really current, but the name of a rather silly woman popped up, in a very admiring mention, in a newsletter in my inbox this morning, and I did a little googling to see why her name struck a bell.

Oh, yes, her.

But I remember this niggling at me at the time:
Given that in Christian theology the understanding of personhood is fundamentally relational because it bears the image of the Triune God, it is hard to see how an embryo can be deemed a person before even the mother enters into a rudimentary relationship with it. As many as one in four pregnancies may spontaneously abort during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, often without the woman knowing that she was pregnant. As some Catholic ethicists point out, the logical corollary of this position is that a woman should baptise every menstrual period – just in case.
Is this made of whole cloth, or are there really any such people?
I can find this, even as sarcastic snark, nowhere except as attributed to her.
Anyone know?
Marginally amusing....

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