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Monday, 2 March 2015

Great Line

A priest asked him if he’d ever thought about the priesthood. [The now-seminarian] had a ready answer: “Father, I like girls too much.”
The priest responded, “Getting married is giving up all girls but one; becoming a priest is just giving up one more girl.”
Some dioceses, some BISHOPS seem to be getting it right. I have always liked everything I have learned about Bishop Morlino, (not that my likes have anything to do with anything, I'm just sayin')

O Lord, grant us priests!
O Lord, grant us holy priests!
O Lord, grant us many holy priests!
I had no idea that was an SSPX prayer, or associated with them.  In fact, i don't think it is, really, because I have never been to an SSPX liturgy or service and I have known it a long time. (I did once worship, unwittingly, at a sedevacantist church when on the road, before I knew there was such a thing, and I've been to an independent chapel out of curiosity - and of a desire for corporate prayer, I hasten to add -  for a Holy Hour.)

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