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Friday, 27 March 2015

"Hmm.... what can we do for liturgy that's NEW, and EXCITING?"

The purveyors of Burlap Banners, finding themselves with time on their hands as demnad for their handiwork has, mercifully, declined, have a brand, spankin' new craft they want to foist on you. offer as an alternative to the Church's Spiritual-Industrial Complex's musty old traditions.

Yes, the Non Catholic Rundown is at it again.
In a moment of deep reflection, write on a ribbon what you love and hope to never lose to climate chaos. Share it with others. When you are moved by someone else’s ribbon, tie it to your wrist, committing to work to beat back climate chaos so that our worst fears never come true.
Together, our promises weave a giant tapestry of commitment among all of us for a healthy, sustainable planet.
For Palm Sunday, we plan to use the climate ribbon as a palm. We will join our forebears in marching around town -- probably Washington Square Park and the New York University Law School -- and ask people to join us in a combination of parade and lament.
We were able to use the ribbon with great liturgical success around the climate march. Through it people were able to express a kind of confession, a kind of lament and a kind of absolution.
For Palm Sunday, we want to connect the themes of love and loss to that last day of freedom for Jesus in the city. 
I think this would be swell, along with a bare tree branch covered with wads of masking tape such as that with which a DRE gifted us once.

Judging from the comments, even NCR's readers know how lame this is.

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