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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Princely Send-off

Twice in one week, I need to rethink my opinion of the Cardinal Archbishop of New York.
First, he has carraigeacha, calling out the IRA at the same time he puts ISIS on blast.

Second, at one of the biggest deal Catholic funerals in this country's since one that was a cross between a political convention and a canonization, one long eulogy, he reminded everyone that the guest of honor wasn't the guest of honor, the Lord was, and neither he nor He wanted an eulogies, (although there was one, of course.... but Dolan's homily was superb.)

The liturgy, thanks to scaffolding and the "blended" music style that is nearly inescapable in Catholic churches in this nation and age, had feeling of cobbling, but all things considered, was excellently done.
(I wish Cdl Dolan could be persuaded not to stand at the door or on the steps glad-handing everyone like mine host, but whaddya gonna do?)

Someone -- the EWTN techs? the cathedral techs? SOMEONE knows how to mic' cantors in a way they should teach to whoever takes care of such things at the National Basilica.

And speaking of cantors.

John Des Marais

Not absolutely sure this is the correct John Des Marais, (hope it was, he has facial hair now,)  but whoever was the psalmist/cantor, he was perfection.
Gorgeous tone, perfect diction, prayerful affect, and admirable diffidence - the minimal, almost apologetic, I-know-you-all-probably-know-when-to-make-your-vocal-entrance-but-it's-my-duty-to-make-this-slight-motion-for-those-that-don't gesture was such a nice change from the flight attendant inspired, Your exits are here, here and here giant arm swoops from local singers who are thrilled to be on tv.
Lord, but I hope he's a practicing Catholic!
And speaking of singers possessed of gorgeous tone, perfect diction, prayerful affect, and admirable diffidence - why couldn't Matthew Polenzani have been Cdl Egan's favorite singer?
Image result for matthew polenzani cantor "st. patrick's"
No ugly interpolated high notes from him, and again, the prayerful affect that does not say Get a load of how I am acting the heck out of this aria, lieder prayer, yeah that's it, prayer.

Dr Pascual, (sp?) is really to be commended, as are the MCs.

And does anone know what that first hymn? folk song? from the pipers was?

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