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Friday, 27 March 2015

"This is the Martha side of things"

Good column by Richard J Clark, five things liturgical musicians, (of which I am no longer one...)  need to keep in mind this week -- always, but especially in Holy Week.

But the reminder that every breath, every step up to the third story loft, every page turn in a prayer, is something that we do for God - that's the one.
Making that music, everything that goes into our "making" it is how liturgical musicians pray.

I had an ongoing conflict, (very amicable, I loved her,) with my former liturgist, that all the canvassing, the wheedling for more lay people to take on liturgical roles was simply wrong.
A larger choir is perhaps a good thing.
A larger corps of lay readers when each one is already only called upon to read every two month is not just silly, it's wrong - it is asking all the Mary's to give up the "better part" and start marthaing.

(And I won't even get into the insidious way that the practice of constantly recruiting "lay ministers" has given rise to the, "oh, I'm not going to Church this weekend, luckily I'm not 'doing antyhing' at Mass," mindset.)

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