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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I seldom disagree with Fr Hunwicke, so I am  hoping this is facetious.
I was surprised to get back home to my computer to discover that in Rome there is going to be a special Mass to commemorate fifty years since the first Mass entirely in the Italian Language. Surely, this sort of rather Renaissance triumphalist crowing is both in bad taste, and sadly divisive?
After all, we would not likewise accuse those who offered or attended Masses of thanksgiving on the anniversaries of Summorum Pontificum of triumphalist crowing, I am certain.

Me, I mourn on the anniversary... I am still stuck in the Rite of Makingitupasyougoalong at St. Thewaywedoithere's.

L'shana haba'ah..., she muttered hopefully. 

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