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Friday, 20 March 2015

Lie, Or Ignorance?

This claims, that in,
the language currently proposed by  [Archbishop Cordileone for the school teachers' handbook' for his archdiocese] active homosexuals, including those in marriages no matter how loving, are labeled “gravely evil”
Um, no.
In charity, I'll assume that you are simply repeating a lie told by someone else.
What the new wording actually says is,
the Church’s teaching [is] that all extra-marital sexual relationships are gravely evil.
Nothing about persons. NO person is labelled "evil."
Not people.

It's pretty easy to attack someone, when the only evidence you require second- or third-hand claims, with selective quoting so that you can pretend that someone said or wrote something that he did not say or write.

But it makes you look foolish.

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