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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

With allowances for GoogleTranslation....

... does this say what it seems to say?
Blessing of homosexual couples as a sign of justice
In addition, advocates in the answers for a "rite of blessing of same-sex couples." There had also been some votes against such a blessing. However, such a step appears logical and credible, given the ever established church call for a "non-discrimination" gay people, according to the document. A blessing of homosexual couples "would be taken as a sign of justice and would not soften the basic message that marriage between men and women because of their focus on the offspring has a special meaning and thus protect in a special way" is emphasized.
set with special blessing celebrations that living together before marriage in Germany is now the rule.
 The one little tiny item that seems to be missing from these "merciful" and "just" solutions is  the concept of sin.
The theological incoherence expressed in the various proposals is just marginally ameliorated by their proponents merely ignoring the existence of sin.
Were one simple fact  - that the behaviors the Church is refusing to [quite literally] sanction, and which these people want Her to [quite literally] sanction,  are sinful - acknowledged, their world view would explode beyond incoherence into logical chaos.

Sin is sin.

Acknowledgment of sin is not puritanism.
Teaching that sins are sins is not the Church being a killjoy.
In the particulars of these cases,  continuing to uphold the sinfulness of certain sexual behaviors is not Her contempt for sex - it is Her honoring of sex, giving it its rightful and holy and absolutely delightful place in the existence of men and women.

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