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Sunday, 8 March 2015

There But For the Grace of God....

I know this is my own fault, but had I not gone to the Alzheimer's wing Communion service yesterday, where it was mentioned by another volunteer or a congregant, can't remember which, (okay, sometimes, can't tell which,) , I would have been completely unaware of Daylight Shifting Time this weekend.

I would have been late for... a lot.

But DST? How did that happened?

I know for a fact that on one one year in this century, (for sure, because I was working a church music job that wasn't mine until 2002,) we lost that precious hour between the Paschal Vigil and the Easter morning sunrise Mass, (NOT the kind of gloryhallelujahisitoveryet weekend one forgets...) and Easter can't happen until after the vernal equinox, so the weekend of DST could not have ocurred until, minimum, three weeks into March, at least that year.

WHA' HAPPENED??!?!???!

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