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Friday, 27 March 2015

The Way of the Cross

My parish has a booklet used for Stations, published and granted an imprimatur well after Nostra aetate was promulgated, in the '80s, in fact.
The narrative it presents is that, okay, yeah,  Pilate was in there somewhere, but the Jews were responsible for... well, pretty much everything in the crucifixion, right down to hammering in the nails. It doesn't say that, but the illustrations, of the ugly flat missallette circa 1975 style are filled with members of the Sanhedrin, but nary a centurion in sight.


The Scriptural Stations booklet offered by the USCCB doesn't do anything for me either.
I will not criticize the artwork as it is par of a youth projected, (sponsored by the much beloved Catholic Campaign for Human Development,) but I find it distracting. Not as distracting as the duelling stabat mater tunes heard in our pews, but distracting, too distracting to pray with.

I can hear my Aunt saying, offer it up, but offer what? my distraction?

Better to carry out the devotion some other time, even some other place.

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