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Monday, 30 March 2015

Sad Man

When I moved from the cold wastelands of the north, I encountered for the first time those, sad, sad folk who seem not to understand that what they name "the Wo-ah of Naw-thun Agression" is over.

Is this the Church's equivalent delusional type, trapped in the past within their own minds?
I add my voice and prayer to [the] call for the 1998 English Missal translation, which was approved by more than two-thirds of the United States bishops, to replace the present failed text of the New Roman Missal.
Do I think the present translation is perfect?
Far from it. But it contains riches that I appreciate anew almost every day.
The rhythms which some decried as artificial are indeed unlike everyday conversation, and they work rhetorically to highlight words and phrases in ways the patterns of normal speech spoken by the average priest, who is skilled in neither oratory nor diction, could never manage, were he not so constrained.
And any fool can see that the disastrous roll out of the (no longer) new translation was ever bit as cataclysmic as, oh, Y2K.
And the Cosmic Convergence.
And that thing that fell on Chicken Little's head.

Speaking of failures, shouldn't a bishop who has written these words be looking for some way to atone for his?
Image result for bishop trautman crying
"a technical theological term that neither priest nor people understand."
I know you were okay with ordaining priests who didn't know any Latin, but are you telling me the guys in your diocese don't understand theological terms in English?


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