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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Haters Gotta Hate

The Nominally Catholic Rundown is at it again.
One of their nominally Catholic bloggers feigns surprise that "a man who seems to really enjoy wearing as much lace and watered-silk as he can get his hands on [appropriate and prescribed liturgical vestments] ..does not see how that will make people wonder."

I was confused as to what this supposedly, "made people wonder."

It caused no amazement or curiosity in me.

I posted in the combox, asking, but it was apparently deleted. Other, however, comments informed me that this was  scarcely veiled accusation that the episcopal object of the bloggers hatred was gay.

So I can only assume that the blogger himself was wondering if the cardinal was gay.

Now, back in the day, the only people I knew who were similarly obsessed, (and frankly, similarly hopeful,) suffered from same-sex attraction themselves, and liked to sneer of "breeders", (male variety,) "oh, she's playing for our team...".

So now I actually am wondering, since the most logical conclusion for a Christian who is presumably familiar with the use of liturgical vestments to  make the accusation that the wearer "walks the Walsingham way," is that that poor blogger is one of those sad, self-loathing homosexuals who finds it easier to bear his own cross by pretending  he thinks other people suffer from the same infirmity.

So he claims to find priestly vesture... unmanly.

Image result for john xxiii in lacey surplice Image result for cardinal pell in lace

(The Walsingham reference is a nod to A.N. Wilson, and is in no way intended to impugn any priest of any rite.)

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