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Friday, 6 March 2015

Gentle Leather Line! Translation, please?

I am in need want of a dress/slip/cover-up/shift/long shirt/nightgown, something, anything, really, in a particular color.
Other than color it doesn't much matter what it looks like, it's just something to wear under another garment that is very lovely, but very sheer in parts.
And since it doesn't  much matter, if I'm going to spend anything, (the thrift stores where I might be able to buy such a garment for between $1 and $2.75 have so far turned up nothing,) it needs to be cheap.
Thus, I have found myself wandering in the wonderland of throwaway clothes that is eBay.

I've actually spent too much time enjoying the search for the fractured descriptions in English.

I just looked at a garment that offers "subtle matching," ( tone on tone print, perhaps?) "eight piece", I think the skirt is gored.)
I am told it will "show thin" and I am urged to "wear a beautiful figure." I am assured it will "easily cover bellies."

Okay, I get all that.

But what could "gentle leather line" be meant to say?

 Not the fabric, as it's a chiffon and lace thingummy, probably 100% polyester.

Could "leather" be "skin"?

Still can't figure it....

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