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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Burying a King in a "Stolen Cathedral"

Always a shock to learn someone will actually put in print something one only said as a child, or in jest.
Traveling, i'm very much of a popper-into-churches, and in the Celtish Isles, if a religious edifice were medieval, well, actually Tudor or earlier, almost invariably I would archly remark to Himself, Of course they stole it from us.... ("us" meaning "Catholics.")

No, not funny, but just a silly habit.

Apparently, there are those who think...
Richard III

King Richard III (1452-1485) Was the Last True Catholic King of England
Now the Heretic Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury Wants to Dig Him Up
And Throw Him into a Protestant Grave at Leicester Anglican Cathedral
Which Was Stolen from the Catholic Church and Made Protestant
The Newchurch Conference of [New]bishops Remains Mute
So that the Sacrilege Might Proceed in the Name of Condemned Syncretism

(I also have always had a sneaker for Richard III, that great and much maligned man, so very beloved of his people that they mourned him when it was to risk the torture and death of a traitor to do so, Henry Tydor being a nasty piece of work despite his mother's piousness - so I was thrilled when they found his mortal remains  in that parking lot.)
(Although even I was embarrassed by that woman on the National Geographic special crushing on him, positively aching that he would turn out to be.... unattractive!)

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