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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Suicide and Romance and "But its what he wants...."

A friend urged me to check out a book of which I've never heard, 'cause you know, I'll cry and cry and cry.
So I checked.

Even before finding the "spoiler" page I had pretty much guessed the ending of "Me Before You." (I am curious, but not curious enough to read the thing, does the title mean, "I'm remembering the way I was before I met you and yeah, I'm a better person now" or,  does it mean, "Yeah, I'm gonna die before you do"?)

Like a television "presenter" whose brother died rather horribly, some romantic fiction fans agree that forcing them to suffer with "ammonia" is the dread consequence of not killing your loved ones.

Yes, isn't it sadly romantic, or romantically sad, or something, that the protagonist of the novel defies the mother of the man she (I'm guessing?) loves and goes along with his wishes to off himself....

No it is not.
It is sugar-coated pure evil.

What is wrong with us? with Lord Falconer, with the entire nation of Belgium, with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, with the terrorists and Clint Eastwood and Richard Dawkins and the people of Oregon?

I don't know that these things are truly related, but I read somewhere that there were actual protestations over the recently dedicated memorial in Germany to the disabled who were "euthanized" by the Nazis.

Too many monuments, do we really need to talk about more victims? there are already so many, it's excessive....

What hardening of the heart allows people to value human life so low?  to adopt "a way of thinking that presumes to judge the worth of individual lives"? what "deformation of moral senses which ultimately led many people to believe that killing sick and disabled people was something like an act of pity, and ethically legitimate"?

Read about how wrong-headed Lord Falconer is.

And read what real love says  in answer to death and dying.

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