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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shouldn't that be "Get used to it, Your Eminence"?

Father Fessio speaks a bit more forthrightly than one might have expected in defending Ignatius Press's publication of a book  that, by all accounts, extolls and supports the sanctity of sacamental marriage.
That the sanctity and indissolubility of marriage needs defending against some princes of the Church is regrettable, no?
On t'other hand, I should say up front - I don't read, or even stumble through French or Italian well enough to catch the tenor of what either “a senior source close to the Argentine Pope” or Cardinal Kasper said in the first place.

There's a lot of idiocy being spewed on the subject of comm- and other forms of union.

I think perhaps the writer at that link should have referenced "a divide that only PRACTICING Catholics understand," since her snarky references to "wafer wars" and the "host with the most" display the sort of ugly contempt for Catholicism that is usually reserved to lapsi, and her absurdly cynical claim that "if people were honest, almost nobody you know could take Holy Communion" is breathtakingly stupid.

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