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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Feeling Not Unlike Margaret Dumont

Every time there is a fracas about some "raunchy" performance on TV, or complaint about a hit song with "obscene" lyrics, or hand-wringing about the "indecent" clothes won by someone, my initial reaction is, or rather, WAS,  that the person wailing and gnashing his teeth is being granny.

When will I learn?

You see, I've checked out a number of performances recently from concerts or awards shows on broadcast TV that were brought to my attention, and.... yup.


I've glanced at at the slogans on T-shirts worn by little children......beyond crude; or the dresses worn by young women to weddings and even funerals......  shockingly suggestive.

I've been in a store or mall and suddenly been able to understand the lyrics of the background noise.... vile and coarse beyond belief.

Pardon me while I go clutch my pearls.
Oh, the times! Oh, the manners!

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