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Monday, 15 September 2014

Could I get trigger warnings on bad Catholish music?

It has occurred to me,  to whom do I apply to insure that before this, this, this or this are played or sung, or even, for that matter announced --  maybe especially before they are announced.... a "trigger warning" would have to be given?
I don't know, by the cantor or the lay reader or someone?

It would be nice to have some warning... I could discreetly absent myself from the nave, sneak a quick smoke in the cloister with the other bad girls, and then slide back into the pew when the storm had passed?

To know I need never hear "We Are The Church" again...

"...that would be glorious."

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Mr. C said...

But it's so, so, so....peppy! ;-)
Honestly, of all the St. T. More composers, Chris is the most exasperating. Prolly 'cause he's taken full advantage of the carte blanche and full frontal exposure (intended) and will write anything that'll turn a buck, from this worse-than-Landry kiddie stuff, to worthless banality like the Celtic Mass, etc. Then he'll churn out a really good one, like I cited at Forum, ie. LAUDATE DOMINUM.Go figure.
He's a genuinely funny guy, have spent quality time wid 'im, but this Tin Pan Alley churning of 'is puts me in a lather.