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Thursday, 18 September 2014

"It's the Cheeseburger, Stupid"

(Unless, as in the case I about to relate, it's NOT the Cheeseburger, stupid.)

But to continue, yes, that's my entire political philosophy, my dietary  philosophy, my educational philosophy... really, everything except my philosophy philosophy, (which would be a theology, when it comes right down to it.)

But generally, I believe the world would be a better place if more cheeseburgers were consumed, (yeah, even by you, Dwellers on the Sub-continent< and there're very few undesirable emotional states that will not be set right by consumption of a medium-rare-more-rare-than-medium cheeseburger.
(I used to take Pepperidge Farm Cappucinos therapeutically,they were efficacious for broken heart mending, but, you know, corn starch. )

So it will not surprise anyone that when in Kearney NJ, (wonder how their sizable professionally Scottish community felt about The Referendum? I digress,) besides my usual  indulgence  in Forfar Bridies, (sp?) I felt obliged to take in a new burger joint.

Bound Burger, (so named because  the first in the chain is located in, or perhaps adjacent to, Newark's Ironbound.
Burger bound makes a lovely and not unreasonable in light of the catering to the hipster vibe it's got going on.

Very fresh, very clean, done exactly as requested, and very well seasoned.

BUT, (yes Peewee, it IS a "big but",) the cheeseburger was not the best thing we ate there.

They have fries, (which seemed decent in themselves,( that they will smother with big crumbles of blue cheese and drizzle with TRUFFLE OIL.

I wont you to think about that, let it sink in.

Fries with bleu cheese and truffle oil.

Yes, I know as foodie trend, truffle oil is passe, but the FRIES... omiwerd, fantastic.

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