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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Words Without Which We'll Weather Whatever Wends Its Way Into Our Lives... Well Enough

(I ran out of "w"s, or rather, the imagination to think of words with that initial.)

Someone has just called my attention to the fact that Anna Wintour, (She Who Must Be Obeyed, even if she tell you to hoist her up a flight of stairs, it seems) is sick of the world "journey" too.
Of course I can walk, thank heavens I don't HAVE to!

Himself has been repeating, with less and less enthusiasm, directors' use of the word for years, either in pep talks to casts at first readthroughs, ("this journey we'll all be taking together..."   or in  notes of gratitude to audiences in programs, ("thank you for joining us on this journey.")

(I was heartily sick of it way sooner, but I believe I was able to keep my eye rolls, which are the only thing youthful about me, to a minimum.)

But even more so, I am beyond sick of, "enough said," or even worse, " 'nuff said."

I don't object to its use after a conspiratorial verbum sapienti, an assurance that both speaker and listener, (or writer and reader,) are on the same page, but in a conversation where there are differing points of view, it seems the height of dimwitted arrogance to give ones opinion and then punctuate it with the phrase, implying that what one has just pronounced is such genius that no more can be said.

Really, I whine about a lot, don't I?

(And yes, everyone is sick of "amazing," I should think even the people who overuse it. Enough said.)

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