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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Physics and the Results of My Drinking Too Much

No, no, not incipient alcoholism, (though with my general Slavo-Celtic heritage, and my specific family history, although happily no one among those of first degree consanguinity, it is not altogether implausible.)

No, my "too much" applies to virtually any liquid I imbibe, there is no coffee cup too large, no excessive servings of fruit juice, 2 liter bottle of diet Coke are single serving containers in my book, and an assemblage of all the ladies in a village Anglican Altar Society would be hard pressed to down more Lapsang souchong than I.

Couple this tendency with my carelessness, and you will not be surprised to learn that as well as a drinking problem, I have a spilling problem.

The size of the vessel is immaterial, I will always fill it too full. And I will always be carrying it elsewhere to settle in an enjoy it.

But I have noticed, if I leave the spoon in, I am far more likely to arrive at my destination without leaving a trail of whatever beverage behind me.

Why is that?
I learned exactly nothing in physics in high school.

But I am guessing that this is not just a vague impression I have that the liquid in a glass or cup with a spoon or straw in it is safer, that there is some actual, verifiable science in play.

Are standing waves set up by moving a container of liquid on foot? (On clomping foot, I might add, I have a heavy tread.)

Maybe the spoon interrupts them as they disperse?

Ah, that cup's done, I'll sign off as I head to the kithcen to brew another.....

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